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3 Reasons to Study Abroad

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

College is an amazing experience of self exploration, rigorous courses, and the occasional BS bureaucratic system that forces one to stay back a full semester to take electives.

Studying abroad is an option that can become affordable and will be the highlight of your college years! Trust me!

Keep calm. Eat Chocolate. Flow.

First off, studying abroad awards students something that their degree doesn't say: "Hey I'm human and I'm interested in global communications!" Okay so what if you want to make amazing plant-based soaps instead of rely heavily on verbal communication skills? I can explain. Studying abroad shows your future employers that you are willing to communicate outside of your own culture. It may just be a city versus small village or something dramatic like politics! Either way, employers want someone who can make decisions from more than one perspective. That's why there's a section for experience on your resume! Show it. You may find out that people in certain locations only use plants for washing their body! (Hmu if you know a plant I can use :) )

Secondly, you're taking a vacation with a purpose! Travel the world on a mission for higher education! This should have been first but my reasoning for studying abroad in fall of 2019 is because my campus doesn't offer a degree in Public Relations. So, I figured combining an intercultural communications major and business communication minor with the experience of five months in a heavily social country, my resume would look bomb. Also, why not try?!

Anyway, enjoy the trip and relieve yourself from the monotonous views of your campus and ho-hum trips from home to the supermarket.

Lastly, learn a new language. Scholarships are a great way to fund your trip. In my search of scholarships, I realized that these competitive awards are aimed toward students who travel to non-western countries or countries that does not primarily speak English. Pick up a pamphlet from your school's International Student's department, try learning a language, and make a friend. Honing in your language skills also makes you a gem in the myriad of resumes your future employer is going to have.

Fai del tuo meglio!