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  • Cece

From Brooklyn to Bristol - with love <3

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Ooh, man I love cities that start with the letter B! During my freshman year of college, I was bent on studying abroad. I had no idea where I would go or what classes I was to take. I started off like every other determined student - yes, I had a dream, a goal, a vision. That dream was made reality - 9 days in Bristol!

No one took me seriously at first because it was obvious my family could not afford it. My father made it clear that I was going to have to pay my way. During the fall semester of 2018, I spoke to everyone I could about funding study abroad including the Financial Aid office, the International Education office, and friends who have studied abroad before. Everyone said with were a lot of scholarships that could help me. No problem! At least I thought so, but my father did not support it. One day he said sarcastically, "If you want to go to another country so bad, why not visit first? You might hate it and we cannot afford an immediate flight back home." Thank you dad. See, I listen to you!

I have to admit the thought circled in my mind like the wounded flesh of my inner cheek when chewing gum too fast - it hurts but I cannot stop chewing! When I was bored, I looked up cheap flights to London. A few days before I bought the ticket, there was a price drop from $203 to $183. I typed in some cities near London into a random name selector online. The city of Bristol was selected. The city of Bristol was my destination.

Norwegian Air immediately become my best friend! AirBnB became my go-to site for accommodation and Gatwick Airport is my second home (try the 3.99 deal in WHSmith). All done on my 19th birthday, I funded the round-trip, 9 day stay and my first passport all under $600. I loved every second of the trip. The people were lovely. The tea was great. The hot cocoa was amazing. Check out my day to day post for details!