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  • Cece

How Pie Saved My Life...

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

It was gloomy. It was rainy. The man I met at the zoo was going to leave me to go back home. He was on holiday as well. I walked for hours. I walked over and under bridges and swore that I hated Bristol. There were no street signs like in New York. The place is basically a "roundabout" that one must trek through using pubs as landmarks and strangers on bicycles as google maps. I was pissed.

I had only 2 slices of toast for breakfast because I wanted to stay inside and pack my things. My father convinced me other wise and that is when I met my second House of Love (Eddie's Coffee Lounge is my main place of dining and relaxation). There is nothing more to say. I had a bad day. I ate a meat pie with mashed potatoes, creatively delicious red cabbage salad, and cider. I fell in love. That's my story.