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  • Cece

In the Pit of the BEAR

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

I intended to stay inside and sleep. Bristol was a lot to take in. However, I quickly changed my mind. The previous day wasn't as eventful as I would have hoped. After finding a treasure trove of art (dumpsters that were also monsters), I went home and ordered some McDonald's through UberEats. That's all.

To get myself motivated for the next day, I returned to a place I loved the most, Eddie's Coffee Lounge. Instead of tea, I tried his hot cocoa with a different panini. This time he let me hog the mint sauce.

The Bear Pit was a prize that I stumbled into. It's entrance is similar to walking into a subway station. Once I was in the "pit," every wall had some form of art. After walking around in the Bear Pit, I noticed that Replay Bristol wasn't too far. Too bad the place was closed on Tuesdays. It was very upsetting.

I cried my disappointed heart out in the back of The Tavern, a local pub. I wasn't too upset. I had the chef pick my meal and the bartender choose my drink. Bait and a rich cider was AMAZING. SPECTACULAR. I WANT MORE FISH HEADS.