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Isambard Kingdom Brunnel

I woke up terribly late Friday morning: it was around eight am and I was just yawning! After scrambling out of bed, there was just one mission that could not be dismissed - I needed food. I hopped on the closest bus, 90 toward City Centre, and got off when I saw graffiti above Barclay's ATM. Nice, right?

My stop at Eddie's Coffee Lounge was a decree from God. I had to go in there. Lounge was in the title! I ended up having my first cup of tea here! English Breakfast Tea is the best way to wake up (coffee is okay too).

Ed, Eddie's brother, is a darling! I loved him so much. He was a great conversationalist, great barista and amazing chef. The lounge was decorated with graffiti and couches! That's the best mix there could possibly be. I sat at the black leather couch, cushioned between a bookshelf and my long trench coat.

I ordered the chicken and cheese panini - it was great. It came with a side salad and this wonderful thing called MINT YOGURT. Maybe I'm not well - versed in the food world or maybe this sauce is particular to England. Whatever the case may be, I had no shame in asking for the bottle!

Afterward I walked until I hit a crossroads - S S Great Britain or M Shed. I chose the boat with wax figures. I'm all about that interactive history. It was an amazing trip and if I return to Bristol, my ticket is valid for the next year.

I accidentally left my orange chocolates in the freezer of my AirBnB. But, I did purchase 2 magnets. One for my sister and the other, of course, for my Papop. Dinner was at The Cuban and dessert was across the way at Sprinkles. Both were amazing places. As you can see from the pictures, my new love is octopus - or squid. I don't know exactly. Everything was covered in tomato sauce.