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  • Cece

It cost how much?!

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Kids are tough on each other They always have been. They always will. Now, they have one more thing to be tough on each other about: the brand of the products they use, abuse, and cry over are truly important indicators of status There is no "bad" brand. There is the "I can afford this" brand and that's how we all know what's in each other's "wallet closet."

What about the people who are hipsters and purposely purchase cheap, used items from thrift stores. That's the "gotta catch them sales" person (Pokémon reference). Hipsters are simply complicated. Well, at least the hipsters I have met. Being from Williamsburg, I have met a few. They are never broke - ever. So, thank you rebellious affluent teenagers who would rather pretend to know the struggle of us "broke asf but still setting the trends for the world" persons than actually understand us and our values.

It's not whether you're rocking the Jay's. Timb's or Prada bags that point out your economic status. It's how you treat the bag after you bought it and the process it took.

I have to be honest, I rock new sneakers and still purchase smoothie mixes from Dollar Tree. My budget says "college and part-timer."

Just to conclude this little rant, thank you careful buyers, frugal college students, planners and evaluators that bring the value to everyday brands like iPhones, Samsungs, Gucci, and the rest of the world.