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Second Wave of Mindfulness

2020 has been cancelled within the first 100 days. However, one event has hit home for the entire world - the Corona Virus Pandemic. Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients who may never see their family again. Children are left to learn on their own with little sufficient help from online discourse. Everyone is questioning whether or not planning anything for the year of 2020 was worth it. I get it - we are struggling. I am struggling.

I landed a job in March. Two weeks after I was hired, New York City was officially shut down. Online courses were boring and disengaging. I couldn't see my friends and family in person for comfort. Most importantly, the whole world was going through it so mentioning my feelings felt mundane. At one point, I sat in the tub while the shower head spewed lukewarm water at me. I repeat, lukewarm.

However, I am back on my feet and quarantine is not so much a punishment as it is a new part of my social life. I think of quarantine as being physically distant meaning I have more time to learn how to be emotionally intimate. These three apps helped me reassess my relationship to myself, my family, friends, and more importantly, helped me reiterate my 2020 goals.


Reflectly is a free app available on both ios and android devices. The app coaches you on how to keep a diary by asking simple questions everyday for you to meditate on and answer. In order to use all of the features of the app, you must purchase the full version. However, it is completely affordable if you're willing to sacrifice one McD meal. It costs $20 USD for the entire year. Here are some features:

The app sends you a reminder to check in. If you have nothing to say or struggle to write something down, you can always make it a goal to answer the daily reflection questions.

Moments are not always filled with words. You can check in with a picture that sums up your day/evening.

Morning Motivation reminds you of the options of activities to do so you will not feel bored

Aiming for streaks which is rewarding in itself.


Everyone has made an account with Google. It's either for work, school, YouTube, or creating multiple accounts for the free trail of Netflix. Google calendar is easily accessible and with recent updates such as using Google Keep simultaneously, the colorful platform tricks me into thinking I have a life. Google Calendar also gives u the option for headlining news. You can make sure you are updated on the current events.

I recommend Goggle Calendar but any calendar app will work. The point of using this application is to make sure days to not seem like they run together. New York has several museums that offer virtual tours for the days you feel especially adventurous and want to remain in a safe place. Nothing is safer than your bed.


Habitica is a free habit tracking app that allows you to compete with others who are trying to improve their consistency with good habits and break bad/unproductive habits. Instead of drawing out a list or circle inside of your habit tracker, streaks are kept for you. You will also receive daily reminders to keep up with your streaks. Their is also a task/to-do section that allows you to track how much time it takes you to complete whatever you planned on doing. Habits that you are exceptional in doing are green. Habits that you're struggling with are yellow and red signifies that you rarely complete that habit so you have to focus a bit more in order to reach your streak goals.



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