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August 2017 - Current Position

I work in the Student Learning Center of Brooklyn College. Since I have been in this department, I held a position as the Italian Tutor during the summer. During the fall and spring semesters, I work as the receptionist. Here are a few responsibilities : 

  •      Daily schedules one on one appointments for over 15 writing tutors via manual schedule book

  •      Develops and maintains the company's image and identity, which includes responding to social media post on external websites i.e. Facebook 

  •      Responds to requests for information about writing tutors’ schedule and style of teaching

  •      Enforces the Learning Center’s rules conductive to workflow such as assigning students to tutors once the tutor is ready    

Community Engagement/Constituent Service Intern

Summer 2018

I was very decisive about becoming a Public Relations specialist. My academic adviser recommended I broaden my career options so that I would not glue myself to one career. So, I applied for different types of positions a communications major might obtain. During the summer, I interned in the office of former District 20th Senator, Jesse Hamilton. Here are some of the responsibilities I had : 

  •      Acted as the representative for the Congressman within the 20th District including answering casework correspondence, meeting with constituents and verbal communications with constituents

  •      Assigned, supervised, and reviewed the activities of event planning interns in order to reach a goal of 150 pamphlets per shift

  •      Called over 20 clients daily in order to successfully secure their application to SCRIE and DRIE

  •      Scanned and filed over 500 reports into federal database for progress reports

  • Attended 3 delegate board meetings and proposed ideas for the set up and execution of voting polls

  •      Trained 2 interns how to collect signatures for Jesse Hamilton’s newsletter during public block parties

Store Associate

November 2017 - December 2018

Adulthood is expensive. During the fall semester of 2017, I found seasonal employment at Spencer's Gifts. It is the job that I quickly fell in love with. I loved the merchandise and the customers. Here are some of the responsibilities I have while there:

  • Engaged with over 20 customers per shift to find a product to fit clients’ personal needs

  • Meticulously folded over 100 t – shirts per shift all in exactly 9 x 12 format

  • Closed store and organized all the merchandise for the following morning

Student Historian

November 2016 - June 2017

During my last year of High School, I interned at New York Historical society. This internship was my first time managing work and school. Here are a few responsibilities I had during this 8 month internship:

  • Collaborated with and assigned team of 5 people from diverse background such as German, Dominican, and Polish

  • Conducted 3 tours lasting between 45 minutes to an hour using inquiry – based teaching

  • Created a study guide for U.S History Regents exam to give to high school students  

  • Performed extensive research using artifacts and documents from the museum

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